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Articles Etteplan releases HyperSTE 10.1 of its content quality platform designed for accurate, compliant and efficient content creation

HyperSTE 10.0 image for content quality platform designed for accurate and compliant content writing

July 3, 2024.

HyperSTE 10, released in April 2024, introduced a completely new look and feel inside authoring applications like Word, Oxygen and Arbortext making it even easier to create great content. With version 10.1, HyperSTE‘s linguistic engine has seen some significant updates and now also supports the latest versions of authoring tools like Madcap Flare, PTC Arbortext and Oxygen. In addition, with 10.1 we now also integrate with EPS’s IrisCheck, a BREX checker for S1000D technical publications.

Our updated pricing introduces a Subscription model for our On-Premise solution, making HyperSTE even more accessible and appealing. Available in both Cloud and On-Premise models, HyperSTE supports numerous authoring platforms.

Often companies struggle to produce content that meets the end user’s needs, is compliant, and is consistent throughout all its publications. Moreover, technical writers have less time to produce quality content while having to meet style guidelines and going through editorial reviews. Etteplan’s HyperSTE is an authoring platform that helps technical writers create content that is clear, compliant, and efficient. HyperSTE integrates with many editing environments with custom editorial assistance for compliance and quality metric reports.

HyperSTE is in use by thousands of technical writers around the world in a wide variety of industries. To request a demonstration, trial licences or ask any other questions, please contact us.