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Content is a Business Asset Part III: Simplifying Technical English in Practice

Content’s Crucial Role in Digitalization

The world’s leading companies are accelerating their digital transformation efforts to keep up with a rapidly changing economy by offering their customers more ways to access their business, cut costs, and streamline daily operations. Etteplan has released three guidebooks that discuss the key role content plays in the field of digitalization, and how to future-proof content while elevating your customer experience. The guidebooks are divided into three parts:

Part I: The History of Written Languages

Giving a historic overview of writing and laying the foundation for the need for clarity in content

Part II: Simplifying Technical English

Explaining the various efforts over the past decades to standardize content

Part III: Simplifying Technical English in Practice

Informing you how to implement clarity in writing and guiding you each step of the way, including many examples and case studies

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