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The First and Only Solution for
Error-Free Content

One Voice. All Languages.

Content Optimization. Simplified What Makes HyperSTE Different.

Hyper-Clear: Improve findability and readability, reduce hidden (support) costs and manage your content efficiently.
Hyper-Consistent: Align your global workforce with One Voice, deliver error-free content in all languages and prevent costly claims.
Hyper-Compliant: Comply with industry standards and style guides and validate industry credibility to open new markets.
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HyperSTE does what the competition does in 1/10 of the time against 1/10 of the cost

Secure. Simple. Scalable.


Prioritize your guidelines through benchmark reporting and achieve industry-leading risk mitigation


Save time with HyperSTE’s simple plug-and-play installation and ease-of-use to help your business.


HyperSTE’s cloud model allows you to manage your users easily by scaling them up or down.

Flexible Solution at a Low Cost

HyperSTE is a very flexible content quality solution as it’s available both as a Cloud and an On-Premise solution.
The Cloud solution is available as a subscription model, the On-Premise solution will be available both as a purchase and a subscription model.
To find out which solution would work best for you, simply ask us!

Plug-and-Play Save Time and Cost

Seamless Integration

HyperSTE is directly integrated into many authoring environments and is a plug-and-play solution that does not require any additional setup.


HyperSTE is a KPI-driven solution and is both flexible and scalable thanks to being available as a Cloud and On-Premise model.

Writer Training

For an even better writer experience we offer highly valued writer training and dictionary setup services.

Check out the long list of integrations, or simply contact us for more information.

Stay Compliant With Industry Standards and Style Guides

HyperSTE allows you to check your content for compliance against a wide range of style guides, rule sets, and controlled languages, including:

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