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Clarity in Content Creation

with HyperSTE: Hyper-Accurate Hyper-Compliant Hyper-Efficient

Make your Content Accurate, Compliant & Efficient with HyperSTE

Hyper-Accurate: Reduce risks by delivering error-free content in all languages and by preventing costly claims.
Hyper-Compliant: Automate Compliance by complying with industry safety standards and style guides, which will open new markets. Align your global workforce with One Voice.
Hyper-Efficient: Accelerate Time-to-Market thanks to 40% reduced writing and editing time, and 40% translation cost savings.
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Great products accompanied by Great Content:

Often companies struggle to produce content that meets the end user’s needs, is compliant, and is consistently used throughout all of its publications. Moreover, technical writers have less time to produce quality content while having to meet style guidelines and going through editiorial reviews.

Etteplan’s HyperSTE is an authoring platform that helps you create content that is clear, compliant, and effcient. HyperSTE supports your editing environment with custom editorial assistance for compliance and quality metric reports.

Editorial Efficiency

HyperSTE is directly integrated in your authoring platform.

Quality Metrics

Create reports on single, multiple files or full publications for quality metrics.


HyperSTE can be fully configured to meet your specific quality content needs.

HyperSTE streamlines content creation

by seamlessly integrating with all of the tools you’re already using:

hyperSTE integrates with all of your favorite writing tools to make content writing seamless and streamlined
hyperSTE integrates with all of your favorite writing tools to make content writing seamless and streamlined

How HyperSTE Helps:

Mitigate Risks

Deliver error-free content in all languages
Prevent costly claims
Meet product safety standards

Automate Compliance

Validate Credibility
30% time savings
Comply with industry standards

Expedite Efficiencies

40% cost savings in tech docs
Reduced hidden (support) costs

Elevate CX

Open new markets
Clarify (Meet) Product Safety Standards
Improve findability and readability

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Minimize writing and editing time
Get it right the first time
Write once, use everywhere

Eliminate Friction

Align your global workforce with One Voice
Reduce hidden costs (support)
Manage terminology efficiently

What Our Clients Say How HyperSTE Delivers Results:

Top industry leaders that rely on HyperSTE to improve their content.

What Makes Us Stand Out- First and Only Solution with…

Industry Expertise

Industrial Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare. First Certified Trainers by ASD-STEMG. Member of ASD CSSTOG, SVC.

Global Expertise

4000 Specialists.
850 SMEs in technical documentation.
8 Countries, 80+ Offices.

Pioneering Innovations

Engineering with a Difference:
40 years.
Publicly listed on NASDAQ Helsinki.