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Vacon Danfoss Case Study

Modernization revolutionizes customer feedback at Vacon

When a company’s goal is to manufacture the world’s best AC drives, the equipment guidelines and technical specifications must be accurate, precise, and consistent. Vacon (now Danfoss Drives) decided to outsource its technical documentation to Etteplan and benefit from the company’s new HyperSTE and HyperDoc tools. The results have also won over Danfoss Drives’ customers.

The Importance of High-Quality Content

The customer promise of Danfoss Drives, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of AC drives with an annual turnover of EURO 1.3 billion and approx. 4,800 employees, is to manufacture the world’s best AC drives.

It is not enough to have good devices if customers do not know how to use them safely and easily. The products’ safety instructions and user manuals need to be high-quality, clear, and universally understandable.
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Looking for the best partner in the sector

Vacon (now Danfoss Drives) wanted to outsource its technical documentation to a “best in class” partner.

Reusability A Singular Focus for Efficiency

Transitioning to modular documentation divided manual information into digital modules, allowing swift and simple creation of new packages.
Text was standardized and unified using the STE method and software, aided by the HyperDoc system for managing content modules and processes.

Nothing but positive feedback

When the system became established at the company, the results began to show. The greatest savings were achieved through the simplification of documentation and the improved reusability of the content.
He feels the collaboration with Etteplan has met the expectations that were set during the first meeting. Savola, with 16 years of experience in the field, points out that, for global operators, finding a clear, mutual professional understanding cannot be taken for granted.

Methods and Technology

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