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Articles Etteplan releases HyperSTE 9.5, allowing content quality checking in the cloud, introduces new user interface

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Following last year’s release of world’s first cloud solution for Simplified Technical English, Etteplan has now released the next version of HyperSTE, a content checker tool that improves the quality, clarity, and consistency of technical documentation, and lowers costs. With the release of version 9.5 we are excited to announce some great new features that will help businesses further improve their content for a better user experience of their products and services.

More and more businesses are digitalizing their services to help grow and create new business and service models. Digital experiences require content to be correct, understandable, easy to find, appropriate, and accurate. With the increasing importance and expansion of digital channels, clear technical content is the key to deliver a superior user experience. Moreover, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of digitalization and use of SaaS models has become even more important as businesses increasingly look for remote work models.

“Introducing the cloud subscription model in 2019 enabled us to offer a more scalable and affordable solution to global enterprises who recognize content as an important asset of their business. With the Basic subscription model we’ve opened up content quality checking to freelance writers around the world, and with the Professional version we’re now expanding HyperSTE to a whole new range of (online) authoring applications, further helping businesses improve and align their content for a better customer experience.” says Petri Ikonen, SVP Solutions & Technologies at Etteplan, adding “With this release, which introduces a brand new user interface, we are broadening the scope of HyperSTE to help writers comply with style guides and writing standards other than Simplified Technical English, such as the Microsoft Writing Style Guide.”

With HyperSTE 9.5, writers can now check their content in Adobe Experience Manager, Confluence, easyDITA and Gmail, as well as Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio Code. With the Professional subscription one can use HyperSTE on all of these new environments within the same subscription fee.

HyperSTE has been successfully used by customers for 17 years now, and it is also used internally by over 600 experts at Etteplan.

HyperSTE provides immediate feedback as well as compliance ratings and reports. It checks style and grammar against writing rules aimed at creating clarity and lets users build custom dictionaries. For administrators, the SaaS version enables centralized and simple user and license management, multiple dictionaries, and terminology and sentence databases. A plugin still has to be installed for local authoring applications, but the checking process and configurations are done and managed online in a cloud portal. HyperSTE is also available as an on-premise solution.

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