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How to Improve Technical Documentation to Exceed Your Business Goals

Creating technical documentation that is clear, concise, and consistent will ensure safe and easy installation, use, and maintenance of your products by your clients or your service technicians. This results in greater cost efficiency and operational flexibility.

  • Safety and regulatory – ensure compliance with the highest safety and regulatory requirements including: ASD-STE 100, DITA, Plain Language, style guidelines, and more
  • High-quality content – as installation, operations and maintenance documentation is an integral part of your brand after the sale is made.
  • Improved maintenance and performance – optimize maintenance operations and product performance by providing service technicians quick access to technical documentation that is easy to understand in any language.
  • Time and cost savings – save significantly on documentation, translation, and localization costs while reducing time to market and making real-time updates to all technical documents for a particular client or equipment.
  • Improved user experience – provide customers with content that is valuable, engaging, and optimized for the devices they prefer.
  • Operational excellence – high-quality content helps your business excel through documentation efficiency.

We believe the key to achieving all of these benefits is Simplified Technical English (STE) – the global standard for clear writing. STE began as an initiative in the aerospace and defense industries to standardize the writing of technical documentation due to the high-quality and safety aspects in these industries. However, today STE is used as a basis for content quality in all other industries as well.

You will save on documentation cost through:

  • Efficient authoring – technical documentation writers will create better content in less time.
  • Volume reduction – reduced word count of up to 40% will lead to more consistent and precise technical documentation.
  • Translations become better, faster, and cheaper – which is of critical importance with globalization and more geographically dispersed workforces.
  • Reduced time to market – making customers and service technicians, happier and more productive.

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