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Webinars The Enterprise Value of STE

(33 minutes) JANA’s Don Bridges and Etteplan’s Berry Braster explain what Simplified Technical English (STE) is and how it can help your technical information group tackle some key business issues.

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If you ask most technical documentation managers if a style guide is important, they will say yes – but why? What if there is another way to make the documentation you have produced speak with one voice? Using Simplified Technical English just might be your answer!

In this webinar you will hear from two experts in the technical documentation industry, Berry Braster and Don Bridges, who will walk you through the reasons that implementing Simplified Technical English in your organization will increase conformity with your writing standards, decrease translation costs, and future proof your content.

So if you want to learn more about STE or are interested in all of the ways that it can help within your technical writing group, click the link and join us for ‘The Enterprise Value of Simplified Technical English,’ presented jointly by Etteplan and JANA.